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coal fired steam boiler
coal fired steam boiler
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The characteristics of Industrial Coal fired Steam or Hot water Boiler

1. Compact structure, single layer arrange, cover small area, you need small investment in construct the boiler house

2. High heat efficiency, big output capacity, combustion performance is upstanding, the boiler adops, , , , , , grare, self-governed wind warehouse. And crown of stove designed reasonably. 

3. The boiler has some overload capacity. 

4. The boiler has a big water capacity which is propitious to power-off protection. Water circulation system designed reasonably, the big pressure head of water circulation make the the circulation safe and reliable. 

5. The boiler has a high degree of automation, has alarming measures of pressure and waterlevel release and various kinds of linkage and automatic controll measures. 

6. Auxillary machinery are all ready and reasonable. Electric cabinet designed reasonably and is easy to be operated which not only meet the requirements of steady run according to the norminal boiler steam rate, bu also has sufficient adjust scope and regulate flexibility according to the change of pressure. 

7. The boiler runs steadily and reliably. It is convenient mainentance. 

8. The boiler adops newfashioned heat insulator which can reduce the radiation loss. The result of energy-saving is distinct. 

9. The boiler has the interlocking protection devices of low water level, hyperbaria, exhaustsmoke to overheat, ect, show function of steam flow, furnace chamber outlet temperature, and automatic adjust devices of continious feed water ND burnning, the boiler also adopts computer controll system which make the boiler run, fault diagnosis convenient and reliable. 

Company Introduction

 1,Spirit:Supply Reliable & High Efficient Heating System.

 2, Produce Capacity:More Than 600 Sets Of Boilers (20000 T/H) Can Be Produced By us Per Year. Class A Boiler Manufacturer. Class A1, A2 Pressure Vessel Manufacturer.

3,Certification:All products have passed ISO9001:2008 & ASME International Quality Management System Certification, also can provide CE, AS, GOST certification.

4,Business Promise:Each Boiler System Parts Is From First Class Brand All Over The World Or China.

5,Quality Strict monitor. From The Material, Welding, To Finished Boiler Shipment; From Project Establishment, Drawing Design, To Final Audit. Advanced automatic welding with 100% passed penetrate X-Ray inspection.

6, User:We Are The Stable And Long Term Supplier Of Many Top 500 Groups All Over The World. Such As PetroChina, Sinopec, Nestle, Mercedes-Benz, Coca Cola, Etc,.
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