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biomass gasifier burner
biomass gasifier burner
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Sawdust Burner:

1,Intelligent operation panel:  One-button start and stop, automatic ignition

2, Equipment operation abnormality self test, Fuel shortage or lack of material, ignition failure, combustion failure, abnormal temperature alarm shutdown

3, Temperature smart thermostat control, Automatic Matching feeding program

4, Self-protection and control equipment, Silo tempering alarm and shutdown protection

5, Device control unit failure self-test, Feeding device, ignition devices, fans

6, Fault code display and alarm, You can quickly determine point of failure

7, Events furnace bridge, Faster and more convenient to clean the interior of ash

8, Activities cleaning door, Heat pipe at the top and bottom ash door cleaning door

9,View port, Easy to observe the fuel situation


Burner parts: burner liner, fuel bunker, Spitfire Tsui, FD fan, feeding device, Ignition device, control box