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3✖500kw vertical water tube boiler in Australia
3✖500kw vertical water tube boiler in Australia
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Vertical water tube steam boiler
These are 3 units 500kw vertical water tube steam boiler in Australia
The Universal range of vertical steam watertube boilers are designed and manufactured by AS1228, and operation in Sydney. total 3 model, 50hp, 30hp, 20hp 

All Universal boilers are designed to ASME & AS1228 and are built to the highest possible standard.

We boast the largest heating surface of any comparative vertical water tube boiler on the market which results in an extremely high thermal efficiency.

Highly efficient 3 pass design
AS1228 Certificated
Burner/boiler control upgrades
Extremely high heating surface
Fully welded tubes
Down Fired design resulted in less floor space
No boiler ticket required
User friendly ( easy to operate )
Utilising the highest quality components
Reduced operating costs are obtained due to the boilers 3 pass natural circulation design combined with its extremely high heating surface which intern results in maximum steam output and reduced fuel consumptions.

our vertical water tube boiler:
AS1228 certificate
ASME certificate
PED certificate
Range: 100kw-1500kw/hr
Pressure: 7bar  10bar  15bar